The New Audi Q7 Impresses Against Full-Size SUV Competitors

The full-size sport utility vehicle market has slowed down somewhat in recent years, but this is not to say that things have been standing still. While a couple of lumbering behemoths have maintained honored places at the head of the pack, most buyers have moved on to somewhat lighter and more agile things. Offering a lot of interior space and the kind of ride that the heaviest SUVs often boast, it turns out, does not need to mean being so massive. The new Audi Q7 is a fine example of this fact, delivering a balanced mixture of assets, features, and comforts in a package that does not skimp on space.

One thing that stands out about this jumbo-size Audi is definitely the ride. Many a reviewer has remarked upon how well the Audi acquits itself on everything from the smoothest interstate pavement to relatively rough local roads. One key enabler of that kind of performance is the vehicle’s air-sprung suspension, with a sophisticated pneumatic system helping to smooth out the bumps.

Another important factor is Audi’s now-legendary precision of design and manufacturing. Where certain other large SUVs sometimes suffer from ill-fitting panels and accessories that are inclined to rattle over the slightest bump, the Audi stays rock solid throughout. As a result, vibrations that might otherwise cooperate to disturb passengers are instead individually dampened with an impressive level of grace.

That alone would be enough to set the Audi apart from a number of other competitors in the segment. Thankfully, the well-regarded manufacturer goes beyond these basics and delivers an experience that is refined in other ways, too. While performance has never been a strong suit of any such maxed-out SUV on the market, the Audi fares fairly well both off the line and once up to speed. With enough acceleration available to make passing on the highway easy, this full-sized vehicle also tends to be fun to drive on slower, twisting roads.

In other words, Audi has accomplished something special with the new Q7, hitting a lot of high points along the way. While not every buyer will want the full range of what such a large SUV can offer, those who do are likely to find the Audi impressive.