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Protecting Your Car From Rats

If animals can talk, they would likely say that India is one of the places that are very friendly to them. Even in huge cities across the country, you get to see animals walking around with humans. Rats and other rodents are even welcome in metropolitan areas and Indians usually don’t mind their presence. Because of religion and other cultural practices, rats are among the most common animals roaming the streets of the country.

Buddhism is one of the religions that strongly revere the presence of animals and because of this, Indians are less likely to harm animals, even rats. With people enduring their existence, these animals take advantage of their privilege and infest houses and even destroy properties. Rats are known for nibbling on wires and other things and cars are no exception to them. Before car owners get to know it, rats are already eating on their car’s parts, especially if they do not have precautionary measures in place. Because rats are deemed as sacred for some, just like cows, Indians do not just easily hurt these animals.

Thankfully, there is already technology that would drive away these animals from populating homes and damaging properties. For those who are wondering, how to protect car from rats in India, they are able to make use of ultrasonic car repellent. Through this technological advancement, properties, especially cars are protected from the sneaky rats. Scientists have figured out that there is a certain frequency that animals cannot tolerate. When devices like an ultrasonic car repellent emits this frequency, animals are likely to run away from the source as they cannot stand the decibel of sound emitted by the device.

To drive rats away, an ultrasonic car repellent emits a sound that is barely audible to humans, but can be very annoying to animals. Because the device does not kill these animals, they are becoming human means of stopping infestation in any location. Because the sound produced is barely audible, humans are not at all affected while no physical harm is also done to animals. There are various versions of these repellents on the market and more companies are getting into the business of creating their own product. A specialized type of this ultrasonic repellent is for the protection of car engines, where rats mostly infest in.

These repellents are inexpensive and would usually last for a long time. It is simple to use and has been proven to be effective in annoying rats and driving them away from infested areas. Imagine hearing the sound of a jackhammer in close proximity and you would get a better idea of how this repellent works. Through this innovation, owners are able to protect their car’s engine and other parts from getting damaged by rats, while ensuring that they are driving these rodents without physically harming them.

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